You Are On the Verge of Losing Your Cryptocurrency, Crypto Traders (and How to Fix It in a Minute)

4 min readAug 18, 2021

The cryptocurrency revolution is sweeping the globe, with Bitcoin recently reaching an all-time high of $56,000 and a market valuation of more than $1 trillion.
Many people have recently joined the party, which has resulted in an inflow of users joining exchanges such as, Coinbase, Kraken, and so on.

Making a Deposit on an Exchange (and the Risks).

You have $100 in Bitcoin (0,0018 BTC as of today) in your wallet. “Perhaps I might try my hand at trading,” you reason. I don’t blame you!
You go to Binance’s Deposit function (or any exchange for that matter), choose “BTC,” and you’re ready to make the transaction.

You will now be given a Bitcoin wallet address; you must transmit funds to this address:

BTC address as displayed on’s “deposit” tab

You should copy the address and transmit your Bitcoin to it. You wait because it normally takes a few minutes. You have to wait a bit longer.

There is no action. You are terrified. You begin to panic a little more. You have every right to be upset because you just lost your Bitcoin.

How Address Spoofing Works

The bitcoin address you just sent to was not your Binance BTC address. It wasn’t my fault, either; I’m a good guy.

Actually, you can’t identify who sent it because it’s entirely anonymous (which is kind of the purpose). You also have no one to complain to because Bitcoin is not governed by a single entity.

Your Chrome Extensions are to blame.

Have you ever utilized AdBlock? I’m sure you do. So, let me give you a hint: it wasn’t AdBlock. However, technically speaking, any Chrome Extension you install has the ability to steal your cryptocurrency.

Chrome Extensions inject JavaScript code into your browser and perform magic with it (for example, hiding annoying ads).


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