Quora’s new paid writing program has the potential to pay you $8,752 or more per month.

5 min readAug 22, 2021

How to monetize according to an expert Quora blogger :

Quora+, a premium authorship program, has been formally launched. Its premise is strikingly similar to Medium’s, in that it charges users $5 per month and distributes the majority of earnings to writers based on member reading time.

The platform is huge, with 100 million active users. Quora+ could be a great way to supplement your income.

Many notable writers have asked me to write this piece in response to their uncertainty regarding Quora. It’s an exclusive platform. Making money necessitates an understanding of its complexity.
Rather than being good, strive to be useful.

The entire premise of Quora is to “store the world’s knowledge” in one place.
Each question has its own webpage with all of the answers.
These fresh links and material improve the SEO of the page. Whoever has the most “useful” answer is promoted to the top and receives all traffic (“useful” does not equal most upvotes).

Even if you don’t rank well on this page, you can go viral in the regular stream.

Don’t think like a blogger when answering questions on Quora. Consider yourself a teacher.

Maintain an amusing but informative tone in your work.
Exaggeration and hyperbole do not sit well with Quora users (as they seemingly do in blogging). You can also customize your responses and express yourself.

Just stay within the parameters of the inquiry.
Don’t go astray.
Quora is a more relaxed platform than others.

It is not necessary to plan your articles ahead of time. You can sit on your couch and scroll through the feed, looking for any new questions that come up. The first three lines of your response are displayed in the stream.

Make use of them as a hook.

My most popular responses occurred while scrolling and thought, “Oh, no. I’ve got an excellent one for you.”
Recognize the demographics and topic distinctions.

The bulk of Medium readers are from the…


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