How I Earn $352 Per Month From Google Maps

6 min readAug 20, 2021

Earn a good living through Google Maps or Google My Business.

So you’d like to make $350 ? This is such an inspiring notion that I have utilized for a number of years. I’m confident you’ll enjoy it as well because it’s not clickbait. This was revealed to me in late 2018 — two years later.

As a newcomer to the “make-money-online” area, I spent the most of my time attending online webinars and taking more courses from my favorite YouTube instructors.

Yes, I’ve always had the idea that producing money online is the best thing I could ever do for the rest of my life. Most of the things I tried didn’t work out because I lacked basic requirements.

That sensation eventually became a reality for the first time when I saw this YouTube video :

This is a popular video from two years ago, with 1.7 million views. When I first arrived on it, it was also my first time seeing a video by Jay Brown, and the experience was enough to pique my interest.

In that video, I discovered how to easily generate money online by using Google Maps. It’s something that generates awe and admiration, so I prepared and proceeded to try it.

Is Google Maps have a Partner program ?

If you want to make money online but haven’t worked out how, this should be a thought-provoking question.

You would have asked yourself that question. Google, on the other hand, pays and rewards users in a variety of ways.
Aside from Google AdSense, I’m confident there’s no other way for Google to compensate established content authors.

You can, however, profit from its other services, such as Google Maps. This is merely a creative thought. Many individuals are unaware of it, and even if they are, they are most likely doing it for free.


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